Nice, Sweet and Cute things to say to your best friend


No matter how hard you try, you can never live your life without your friends. They add meaning to your life and make the world a fun place for you to live. Your best friend is always there for you and does everything she/he can to make you happy. They are the one who can kick your butt out of a hard breakup, desperate times and hopelessness.

So it does make sense to make them feel special in return. Even if you have the coolest and most weird relationship with your best friend, saying nice and cute things once in a while can add spice to your friendship. It can make her/him feel special and wanted.

Things to say to best friend

So, here are few nice, sweet and cute things to say to your best friend to make them feel special. Or, weird because you are being way too emotional.

  1. Remind them of the good times you had

  2. Remind them of the time when you laughed both to tears, way more than ever or the first trip you ever took together, or the most stupid thing you two every did. Going down the memory lane will help both of your realize importance of each of you.

    Don’t leave the times when you dressed way too weird on Halloween, messed with strangers or got in fight for each other. Trust me, even though they seem pointless you can have a good time just talking about those times. Tell her that those are the best times on the plane of your reminiscences of her(or him).

  3. Thank them for their love and support

  4. Don’t forget to thank them for all the time they have been there for you, all the time they punched you in the face or picked you up from the bottom when you needed. Thank her for being just a friend, and thank more for being your best friend.

  5. Tell them that you are always there for them

  6. Life is full of difficult moments, and we all need our best mates to count on at such times. Telling her to rely on you at such times is really nice thing to say. But don’t just say it. Act like it. Whenever she is going through tough breakup tell her she needs to step up and move on.

  7. Tell them to stop making bad decisions

  8. Stop them from making the bad decisions. Even though they might hate you, in the beginning, they will appreciate it in the long run. It may not feel like it, but it is an incredibly sweet thing to do.

  9. Tell them that the moment you met was the luckiest moment of your life

  10. Remind her how did you realize that you had become best friends. How weird, stupid and perfect you two had become for each other, and how every fight strengthened your friendship even more. Tell them that you would do it again without a second thought and always choose them as your best mate.

Last but not least, mess with them and have a good time. Good friends only come once every 10 years but best mates only come once in a lifetime. So, make sure you don’t have things unsaid with your best mate. Comment and let us know if you have any other sweet things to say to your best friends!

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