Yesterday morning, I was reading an article about the most difficult jobs in the world, and it said: " the toughest job in the world, is to make someone laugh, but motivating someone is an impossible feat".

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The statement in the article was absolutely outrageous, but true. Motivation, as a medium of providing the need for exploration, is a difficult but very fascinating task. But, the first rule of motivating someone, is to stay motivated yourself. Only then, can you inspire your audience, whether they are your colleagues, friends or general people, with your motivational speech.

A motivational speech is a great opportunity to inspire your friends, and make an impression about your personality amongst your peers. But, it does require intricate cautions, and great motivational speech topics to get results. Great motivational speech ideas, can prompt and propel them to shift their habits and mindsets.

Below, I have compiled tips on finding your topic of speech on your own, and if you are lazy, I have compiled a list of topics, on the basis of audience you might receive to give the speech.

A word of caution before you use any of the topics- some of the topics are tired because of overuse. Topics such as the best moment of your life, and importance of hard work, are so overdone even though they are very good motivational speech ideas. Especially, the topics I have listed as a bonus. But, they are not horrible topics. In fact, they are so great that everyone uses them. I would advise you to add your personal touch to make them more interesting, and create your own outline. Adding your own touch, will make them an even better candidate for the speech.

Tips for finding your own speech topics.

The best motivational speech idea is the one you already have. Before rushing to Google for the greatest motivational speeches of all time, and plagiarizing the crap out of them, try to think about what you already have.

Think local.

Always try to use local subjects in your speech, especially when you are trying to motivate college students and teenagers. Great motivational speech topics for college students come from around the campus. If you are a previous student of the college, describing your experience as lacrosse team captain, or book club member, can inspire fellow students to relate more easily.

If your audience can relate to your speech, they will give you their attention, and a chance to add a new dimension to their mindset.

Pick up a high school gazette, or local newspaper, find out what's going on in the environment and use it, as the material for your speech.

Don't forget to add a bit of humor to any topics you use. Topics that have humor and a few cat puns are better.

If you are giving a speech to an entirely new audience, or you are invited as a guest speaker; it would be a great idea to spend time with the organizing committee, to know more about the audience.

Never shoot an arrow in the dark, unless you are Robin Hood.

However, not everyone is free to spend time with the audience, and do a thorough research about the community you are going to speak too. Then go through the list of motivational speech topic ideas I have compiled, to make sense of your speech and material.

10 Speech topics for Motivational Speaking.

Admit it: After researching the crap out of your audience (friends if you are a student), you ended up with a blank slate. Or, you are just bored to go through it all, and just want to put up your feet, have a pizza, and watch the same old movie on Netflix.

I know, you deserve a little vacation for your brain too. But hey, that's what the internet is for. Here is the list of 10 most effective public speaking topics for motivation, including motivational speech topics for teenagers.

  1. How some incident in your life led to the change in your perspective about life? And, how this change of paradigm helped you to achieve what you have today? In short, your life story.
  2. List of strategies to encourage effective saving to lead a comfortable life? Also, talk about the importance of saving and the change it can bring about in life.
  3. How community service in college, can shape a better future for students, and help improve grades? (One of the most effective motivational speech topics for college students).
  4. How can meditation change the life of an individual on various different levels, and help to achieve long-term happiness?
  5. How short vacations to the country helps save a relationship? (Relationship is great topic to talk about, if you are giving speech to couples and families).
  6. Talk about the life and habits of some successful person (such as Steve Jobs), and how those habits can help your audience achieve the same success in life.
  7. Talk about the benefits of positive thinking and patience. Additionally, elaborate on the task of doing that.
  8. How small acts of kindness, can bring change in the life of an individual? Talk some more about those acts of kindness, and present their effect on your life, if you have performed any of them.
  9. How technology is changing the world, and how will it affect our lives? Also, explain the change you have seen in your life.
  10. Old but always gold: Talk about your dreams, aspirations, and pursuit of happiness. If you are still undergraduate, tell them what you look forward to in your life, and how you want to shape the world, in your own little weird way, and make it a better place.

Not found what you like? Here is a little bonus.

10 more motivational speech topics:

1. The importance of confidence and leadership.
2. Inspirational Quotes.
3. Books that changed your life.
4. How to be a better role model for children?
5. Ways to break bad habits.
6. The importance of sports in high school.
7. Why is bullying an evil thing to do?
8. Money Making Idea for students.
9. How to start believing in yourself?
10. How waking up at 4 AM every morning, can change your life?