Look at your own reflection in the mirror, the person staring back at you, has the full potential to woo and  charm anyone. However, when it comes to talking to certain people, you cavort for a position away from the limelight. You would most likely find yourself running away from the situation, rather than confronting it.

You create an large amount of stress on yourself, when you have to talk to someone. Talking to someone is not a big deal, all you need to do is to be positive. The other thing that you need to be confident about is interesting topics to talk about. Without it, you would be met with stoic silence, and that will easily render any advances on your part to be creepy.

Let’s have a look at some of the fail-proof topics to talk about:


A simple glimpse around our day-to-day activities will tell you that we are almost always in constant touch with music, or some other form of entertainment. Be it going to movies, or watching television shows, or even reading books. Something which leads us all to be pretty passionate, is entertainment in some form or the other.

For various reasons, people love to find themselves immersed in the character of their favorite TV show. They find themselves in sync with the music that they listen to, and they are moved beyond tears when reading books. So, these people would be more than willing to divulge information about themselves, more so as they would want to influence you to follow the same trend.

Some of the conversation starters would be

What is your favorite movie?
What kind of music do you like?

Travel experiences

One of the best topics to talk about, would be about travel experiences. People tend to travel a lot. Sometimes even to places that are unfamiliar. They could find themselves in the middle of a new culture, or go to places that might have an immense impact on their outlook of their lives. The people that have traveled a lot are more than willing to share their experiences with others. They can travel either for vacations, or for work, or simply, even due to the fact that they have retired, and have a substantial amount of money, to spend in experiencing such fascinating places.

Some of the relevant conversation starters would be

Where have you traveled to in the past few years?
Which place is amongst the best that you can recommend to travel with family?


When you express your willingness to know the hobbies of another person, you are putting them in a comfort zone. It portrays you to be showing their interest to be a priority, and hence would be able to elicit a positive response from them. This works both ways. Firstly, when you are devoid of topics, you can bring forward a positive recollection of that topic. It can result in a torrid conversation. Secondly, you ensure that your conversation does not get stalled, as hobbies and all the nitty-gritties of it, are not something that one gets tired of very easily. For example, you can ask somebody whether they enjoy their work, or if they are into photography.

You can start the conversation with

What kind of things do you do when you are free?

This is a pretty simple and an effective conversation starter, and being an open-ended question, you end up getting the desired response. If they mention music as a hobby, you can delve further and ask them what musical instruments do they play. If they mention that they are interested in the latest developments in tech, you can ask them about specific interests in it.


This is a strict no-no amongst most of the people that consider themselves knowledgeable about starting conversations. However, career has proven its mettle time and time again, when conversation has stalled or failed to progress beyond a certain stage. After all, you spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to plot your career, and it is important that you give due importance to the right kind of planning as well. So, talking about your career, your future plans with somebody else, is actually going to help you understand the path that you are about to take. On the flip side, if you are the person starting the conversation, then trying to ask about the career of the other person can seem pretty knowledgeable. This way, you will understand the mentality of the person, and you can also get to know about the ambition that the person fosters, in his/her brain.

Some conversation starters would ideally be

What do you think you would do in 10 years’ time?

Work or School

Some of the time tested topics to talk about, does not involve work or school. However, that is simply ridiculous. People in their teenage years, as well as when they are young adults spent a substantial amount of time in either school or work. So, talking about it, not only helps them to relieve the events of the day, but also gives them an outlet to vent out any feelings that they might have. If you are talking with your co-worker, then talking about work, ensures that you understand about their viewpoint on that situation. It helps you realize the kind of work that they do, and also enables you to understand their importance.

Some common conversation starters would be:

What did you think about this meeting?
What courses do you study at school?

After all, these are simple questions that can be relatively easy to answer without hammering on their personal space.


A constant source of nourishment, food is a fun topic, and easy enough on the ears. Simply speaking, everybody loves to eat. So, the people would more than willingly be sharing tidbits about the kind of food that they love, and their personal taste. It goes without saying, that people are more than willing to provide you with a golden nugget in the form of a gastronomic delight by referring good quality food to you. Almost every day, you find people cribbing about the food that they eat, in contrast to the delicious ones they find in a restaurant. So, some of the ideal conversation starters would be-

Do you like XYZ restaurant?
Do you prefer XYZ cuisine?

Current affairs

The younger generation is a lot more politically inclined, than the previous generation. You find a lot of people having active knowledge about politics, as well as finding themselves privy to everything, that is happening around the globe. This age of the Internet, has connected a lot of people, and ensured that the truest form of globalization that can be achieved. So if you’re looking at good topics to talk about, then talking about the current affairs, will definitely be amongst the best that you can find. Instead of trying to rack your brain to come up with cool lines, why not ask somebody what they feel about a certain topic. You are definitely going to elicit a response from them, and it is almost always going to be a positive inclination, for you to continue the conversation. As you can see, talking about the current going-ons is pretty easy, and you will definitely be able to score brownie points with them. Some of the conversation starters would be

How do you feel now that Donald Trump is the new President of the USA?
How will people be able to sustain themselves and so less cash?


Human beings are social animals. Relationships happen to be a fascinating thing for many people, and easily one of the most talked about features in our day-to-day life. There is nothing more fascinating than what we get to read about the relationships between celebrities in the gossip columns. It comes with a vital understanding, of what we have towards an inherent social life, and how we want to handle our own. So, coming to the topics to talk about, you could possibly focus upon the relationships that you want to acknowledge. Some of the conversation starters would be-

What do you think about XYZ? Is he treating you right?


This topic, may be a bit on the grey side, but, happens to be a fascinating topic to talk about nonetheless. You have to be careful about not getting too personal, and make it sound like you are trying to treat the person, rather than extracting details about his/her experiences. Of course, when you happen to go on a date, these questions about experiences could actually be in the right spirit. However, when you’re meeting a person for the first time, such kind of talk is not warranted. For example, you could ask a person on a date-

What were your experiences about growing up in XYZ?

But you cannot ask the same question, from a person that you are meeting for the first time. So, there are certain boundaries which can be exploited, but it is defined by the situation.


Speaking to a person is pretty easy and straightforward. However, there are certain instances in which you might not find a topic that you can relate to; or rather might find yourself tongue-tied. So, to prevent such kind of situations from happening, we have listed a few topics, that you could possibly exploit to your benefit. Use them, and sit in silence while the other person starts speaking. You can pick up interesting tidbits along the way, and then further the conversation with them. This is how most of the public and motivational speakers like to work. They pick up interesting tidbits of the public, mix their own magic and twist it according to their needs. They may seem to look invincible, but they have also been in the same position as you. All you need to do is to summon your courage and take a step forwards. You are certainly going to excel in conversing with others.