Nice, Sweet and Cute things to say to your best friend

No matter how hard you try, you can never live your life without your friends. They add meaning to your life and make the world a fun place for you to live. Your best friend is always there for you, and does everything she/he can, to make you happy. They are the one who can kick your butt out of a hard breakup, desperate times and hopelessness.

So it does make sense to make them feel special in return. Even if you have the coolest, and most weird relationship with your best friend, saying nice and cute things once in awhile, can add spice to your friendship. It can make her/him feel special and wanted.

Things to say to best friend

So, here are few nice, sweet and cute things to say to your best friend, to make them feel special. Or, weird because you are being way too emotional.


  1. Remind them of the good times you’ve had

    Remind them of the time when you both laughed to tears, way more than ever, or the first trip you ever took together, or the most stupid thing you two ever did. Going down the memory lane will help both of your realize importance of each of you.

    Don’t leave the times when you dressed way too weird on Halloween, messed with strangers, or got in fight for each other. Trust me, even though they seem pointless, you can have a good time just talking about those times. Tell him/her that those are the best times, on the plane of your reminiscences of her(or him).

  2. Thank them for their love and support

    Don’t forget to thank them, for all the times they have been there for you, all the times they’ve punched you in the face, or picked you up from the bottom when you needed. Thank him/her for being just a friend, and thank them more for being your best friend.

  3. Tell them that you are always there for them

    Life is full of difficult moments, and we all need our best mates to count on at such times. Telling him/her to rely on you at such times, is a really nice thing to say. But don’t just say it. Act like it. Whenever he/she is going through a tough breakup, tell her she needs to step up and move on.

  4.  Tell them to stop making bad decisions

    Stop them from making bad decisions. Even though they might hate you, in the beginning, they will appreciate it in the long run. It may not feel like it, but it is an incredibly sweet thing to do.

  5. Tell them that the moment you met, was the luckiest moment of your life


    Remind him/her, how you realized that you had become best friends. How weird, stupid and perfect, you two had become for each other, and how every fight strengthened your friendship even more. Tell them that you would do it again, without a second thought and always choose them as your best mate.

  6. Last but not least, mess with them and have a good time

    Good friends only come once every 10 years but best mates only come once in a lifetime. So, make sure you don’t have things unsaid with your best mate.


Comment and let us know if you have any other sweet things to say to your best friends!

How to impress a boy on chat

So you just met someone special, and you want to rev up a romantic love story with him, but is he not into you yet?

Well, first and foremost congratulations, and now let’s get right into it. Read amazing tips to impress a boy on chat and make him love you.

Impressing boys is a simple and easy task, at least for girls. Any girl can entice boys with just a smile and sexy look, and make them invariably fall for them. But, when there is distance– things get complicated. It’s very confusing, and difficult to impress a boy on a chat, mostly due to the fact that, texts cannot carry same emotional weight and significance like the spoken words. Also, you have the advantage of your presence when speaking face to face.

But, that does not mean it’s impossible;  it is, in fact easier, if you are not comfortable to speak upfront. Showing care(just not too much), having interesting and engaging conversations, will help you improve your chances of impressing your prince charming. Here is a list of simple ways on how to impress a boy on chat.

impress a boy on chat

#1 Don’t seem desperate:

The golden rule of impressing anyone is, play it cool. However, in the case of impressing boys, you have to play even cooler.

Instead of looking desperate, you have to play little hard to get. This will make you more reserved, mysterious and interesting. Boys fall for that stuff. They have a tendency to ignore the woman who is easy. So, you ought to give them what they want.

However, I do not mean that you have to reply very late to every text to you get. Just make sure you don’t reply within nanoseconds after you get his reply, reply within a considerable amount of time.

#2 Be yourself:

If you are attracted to a person who does not appreciate who you are, they really are not worth your time. A good person, always appreciates who you are. So, the boys are always into someone you are, but not someone you pretend to be.

So, when you are chatting with him, give honest answers and be yourself. I know you are very cool, funny and smart– show that to him. Don’t exaggerate things and intertwine expensive lies. They will never help you attract anyone, or even if you do, they will come to haunt you in the future.

Give your honest opinions and replies in the chat. And, read carefully about what he says. Show care but just don’t overdo it.

Being yourself, will give you the confidence to talk and make yourself presentable, when you meet him in person. Boys love girls with confidence and self-respect.

#3 Keep it short.

Have you ever got a long text from someone, that apparently seemed like a college application, rather than text? Of course, you do. We all have those friends, and we never read those texts.

So, don’t be that friend.

Always keep it short and simple. Even though you might feel an anticipation to write everything at once, DON’T. You have all the time in the world until you ruin it.

Short texts will keep your conversation interesting, and keep him invested in your texts messages.

#4 Maintain your presence.

This is the most important part of the process, if you are looking to impress someone online. You have to maintain your presence to talk with them in the first place. Be online whenever he is online. If you already know the person, it will be an easy job. But, it might be a problem if you don’t know each other. You need to ask when he will be coming online next.

As a girl, you don’t always have to send a text once you are there. Boys generally start a conversation, but you can always be bold and send him a humble greeting.

But, don’t send plain stupid ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’, try something fun like ‘Knock Knock’, or something similar.

Interesting starters lead to interesting conversations, one you might actually enjoy having.

#5 Use pictures and Emojis.

When I had a crush on a boy, I had a very hard time. I had to write everything and it was incredibly difficult to express my feelings.

Now, you can do all that with simple emojis and pictures. Use emojis to express your feelings, but be sure not to use too many. It will help him identify the tone of texts you are sending, like whether you are joking, or having a serious conversation.

You can also incorporate some funny GIFs to keep the conversation full of humor.

If you are on Facebook or Messenger, stickers are a great way to express yourself (sometimes even better than words), and keep the spirit of conversation alive.

#6 Flirt with him.

There is no better way to make a boy fall in love than flirting. It will instantly give him a hint that you are interested in him, and cut the chase if he is interested.

If you keep on talking with a boy, without giving the hint of interest, you might fall into very dark place-FRIENDZONE’. So, give occasional hints of your interests in him, without overexpressing and being desperate. Like girls, boys do like the appreciation– relish him, and show him that you care. Ask if he already has someone, if he says no –it always means green light.

girl on chat

Use his name, this will make conversation much more interesting and passionate. Also, never pull your conversation too much. Never let the sessions of your conversation bore either of you. Don’t ask about his ex, or any sensitive information if you are not there yet. But, you can slowly move to more close and intimate conversations slowly.

Moreover, dare yourself- ask him questions about his life, hobbies, and interests? Show that you care about his opinions when he sends them.

Refrain yourself from sending offensive and vulgar texts, and never text when you are drunk. It might break the magic created between you two. Last, but not least; don’t just talk. Have a courage and go on date.


How to attract a boy who ignores you?

Are you being ignored by the guy you like, or clearly being overlooked by someone?

I get it. The only thing that hurts more than being hurt, is being ignored. It is a miserable feeling.

But, trust me. As a girl, we all have been through this. It is in the nature of guys to play hard to get.

Before we dive into the ways to attract that boy, I want you to take a moment, and ask yourself  few questions.

Is he really ignoring you, or just being shy?

Why do you think is he ignoring you? And, does it really matter?

I know, it is hurtful to see someone diminish your ego, but if it does not matter to you, and the boy is not really part of your life or future, he definitely is not worth spending time.

Attract boys who ignore you

As a girl, one thing I know for sure about boys, is that they can never ignore girls. I know, it feels like he is, but he cannot, especially when they are into them. However, they can play tough and carefree to get your attention. This attitude is synonymous to boys; as peanut butter is to jam. So, you can easily entice, and lure the boy, with a hint of interest, you only need to do it the right way, to get his attention.

Just a glance and playful smile, will be enough to make him run to you, if he is into you. Even though boys don’t express their feelings that often, such gesture will compel them to be expressive.

Another way to break the shell of ignoring boys, is to just talk to them. Of course, it might feel weird, and anticipation may churn in your stomach, like fire but you need to do that. Having a conversation about the reason you are being ignored, will help you get a better idea and act smarter. Boys live in their own fantasy world, and are intrigued by girls who are expressive and beyond ordinary.

If nothing works for you, there is always our SECRET and effective way. The one followed by almost every girl, to get into the heart and mind of a boy. Just play hard to get yourself. So some invisible signs like a smile, and occasional node, but don’t show your eagerness to talk to them. Show that you have self-confidence and ego like a queen. Trust me, there is nothing boys love other than something that is hard to get(It worked for me). And, again my stereotypes may not apply in your case.

But don’t overdo the attitude. It can imply that you have an overflowing attitude and repel him. Just play in the right amount, so that you will be tough to get, but still approachable.

This way, it will help you get the better idea of the person you like. If the boy is not really into you, or just plain selfish. Believe me girls, if he is selfish– he is not worth your time and heart. There is always the right one.


Questions to ask your boyfriend when you are bored

No matter how hard you argue, no relationship is perfect all the time. I have written “7 top Questions to ask your boyfriend when your bored” in this article.

In the beginning of a relationship, there are invariably butterflies in the stomach, enthusiasm in the mind and restlessness in the heart; you never seem to have time, for all the things you want to tell your boyfriend. But, after some time, you settle with him and get comfy, and share everything. Eventually, at some point, you run out of things to say to your boyfriend, or you are just plain bored, but still have a will to keep up the romance.

Don’t panic yet, it is the common hardship for every good girl in a relationship. To help you revive your romance, and keep enthusiasm in your relationship, here are few questions to ask your boyfriend when you are bored.

1. Ask him about your mutual friends.

I know, boys might seem sort of strange animals, with bizarre interests and friends. But, one thing they have in common with girls, is that they love talking about their friends. Boys love their friends, and have the secret code of friendship- ‘putting friends above everything else.’

Ask him about his friends and their interests? Show interest in his reply, and ask his opinion about your mutual friends. He will love giving opinions and advices about your friends.

If you find someone weird in your mutual friend list, you can talk about them, and have a quick laugh. This will increase trust in your relationship and keep you entertained.

questions to ask bf

2. Ask him about his interests and passions.

Any sane human being loves to be heard, and I am sure this is true with your boyfriend as well. Even if you have an introvert type, you can always ask him about his passions and interests. Introverts are more passionate people, than extroverts and have a variety of interests.

Bored? Ask him about his interests.

By asking him about his interests and passions, you get to know him more. Second, it will create an environment of intimacy when you share your passions with your partner.

Having knowledge about his interests, will give you more understanding of his inner self, and also, give you a lot to talk about. Boys often have a variety of random interests, from sports to rock climbing.

3. Ask him about his favorite movies and TV shows.

You can pretty much assume that your boyfriend loves movies.

Ask him about his favorite movie (it will probably be some superhero movies), and tell him about yours. You can spend hours arguing about the movies you love. If you are living together, this will give you a sneak peek of the secrets to making him love you more. Watching the new season of Game of Thrones, will help you get even more comfortable with each other, and give you material to start stupid fights to strengthen your relationship.

If you happen to have one in million, who does not love movies, ask him about the books he loves. Bookies flip out with excitement, when someone asks them about their favorite books. Make sure you don’t overdo this, if you don’t love reading books that often, or you’ll end up listening two-hour lectures on why, George Orwell is the better writer than Oscar Wilde.(Trust me, I have!)

4. Ask about his work.

It is always nice to have someone to talk about the catastrophes, and screw-ups from the office. If your man is under 40, he must be pretty pissed off with his boss. And again, stereotyping may not always be true.

Ask him about his work, and put a query on if he has any trouble at an office. I am sure he will appreciate having an understanding partner, who is genuinely interested in his work. If you are lucky, you might get funny things that might have happened at his work, and have a quick laugh.

He probably will end up asking you about your day, and this will create a new paradigm for new conversations. You can never talk enough shit about your work.

5. Ask him about the plans for the weekend.

You don’t always have to be a smartass to talk to your boyfriend. After all, he is your man. If you are bored, you can just tell him that you are bored, and ask about the plans for the weekend.

Keep in mind, that there is a ninety percent chance, that he does not have any plans for the weekend. So, you can create new plans, and designs your perfect weekend. If he has a plan for you, get up and start dabbing- you one lucky girl.

6. Five-year plan

If you have been dating for a while, it is a good idea to ask him about the future of the relationship. Asking him about his five-year plan, will cite your role in his future, and have a stronger bond. And yes, it will help you to reboot your mood.

However, it can be a blunder of an idea, if you have been dating for few days or weeks (We will not be covering the cost of tissue papers if you do).

Upon those circumstances, you can ask him about dreams and aspirations; this is a great way of knowing your place, in his future without asking.

7. Advice and Opinions.

Effective communication, is great to deal with boredom in a relationship. And, it is not alwaysabout asking to know something.

Is something bugging your mind, or have a decision too hard to make by yourself? Or, need help to sort anything out?

You can ask your boyfriend for his opinion, and advice, on important areas of your life. This will help you cope with the situation, and in the process create a sense of belonging, and value for him. It will give him the confidence to ask you for the same.

Couples sharing opinions on different areas of life, go on to have a powerful and intimate relationship.

questions to ask bf

These 7 questions, are the perfect questions to ask your boyfriend when you are bored. They will not just give you an understanding of the intricacies of your boyfriend, but will also develop a trust, and more honest and powerful connection with your man.