How to attract a boy who ignores you?


Are you being ignored by the guy you like or being clearly overlooked by someone?

I get it. The only thing that hurts more than being hurt is being ignored. It is a miserable feeling.

But, trust me. As a girl, we all have been through this. It is in the nature of guys to play tough and hard to get.

Before we dive into the ways to attract that boy, I want to take a moment and ask few questions to yourself.

Is he really ignoring you or just being shy?

Why do you think is he ignoring you? And, does it really matter?

I know, it is hurtful to see someone diminish your ego but if it does not matter to you and the boy is not really part of your life or future, he definitely is not worth spending time.

Attract boys who ignore you

As a girl, one thing I know for sure about boys is that they can never ignore girls. I know, it feels like he is but he cannot, especially when they are into them. However, they can play tough and carefree to get your attention. This attitude is synonymous to boys as peanut butter is with jam. So, you can easily entice and lure the boy with the hint of interest, you only need to do it the right way to get his attention.

Just a glance and playful smile will be enough to make him running to you if he is into you. Even though boys don’t express their feelings that often, such gesture will compel them to be expressive.

Another way to break the shell of ignoring boys is to just talk to them. Of course, it might feel weird and anticipation may churn in your stomach like fire but you need to do that. Having a conversation about the reason you are being ignored will help you get a better idea and act smarter. Boys live in their own fantasy world and are intrigued by girls who are expressive and beyond ordinary.

If nothing works for you, there is always our SECRET and effective way. The one followed by almost every girl to get heart and mind of a boy. Just play hard to get yourself. So some invisible signs like a smile and occasional node, but don’t show your eagerness to talk to them. Show that you have self-confidence and ego like a queen. Trust me, there is nothing boys love other than something that is hard to get(It worked for me). And, again my stereotypes may not apply in your case.

But don’t overdo the attitude. It can imply that you have an overflowing attitude and repel him. Just play in the right amount so that you will be tough to get but still approachable.

This way it will help you get the better idea of the person you like. If the boy is not really into you, or just plain selfish. Believe me girls, if he is selfish– he is not worth your time and heart. There is always the right one.


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