No matter how hard you argue, no relationship is perfect all the time. I have written "7 top Questions to ask your boyfriend when your bored" in this article.

In the beginning of a relationship, there are invariably butterflies in the stomach, enthusiasm in the mind and restlessness in the heart; you never seem to have time, for all the things you want to tell your boyfriend. But, after some time, you settle with him and get comfy, and share everything. Eventually, at some point, you run out of things to say to your boyfriend, or you are just plain bored, but still have a will to keep up the romance.

Don't panic yet, it is the common hardship for every good girl in a relationship. To help you revive your romance, and keep enthusiasm in your relationship, here are few questions to ask your boyfriend when you are bored.

1. Ask him about your mutual friends.

I know, boys might seem sort of strange animals, with bizarre interests and friends. But, one thing they have in common with girls, is that they love talking about their friends. Boys love their friends, and have the secret code of friendship- 'putting friends above everything else.'

Ask him about his friends and their interests? Show interest in his reply, and ask his opinion about your mutual friends. He will love giving opinions and advices about your friends.

If you find someone weird in your mutual friend list, you can talk about them, and have a quick laugh. This will increase trust in your relationship and keep you entertained.

2. Ask him about his interests and passions.

Any sane human being loves to be heard, and I am sure this is true with your boyfriend as well. Even if you have an introvert type, you can always ask him about his passions and interests. Introverts are more passionate people, than extroverts and have a variety of interests.

Bored? Ask him about his interests.

By asking him about his interests and passions, you get to know him more. Second, it will create an environment of intimacy when you share your passions with your partner.

Having knowledge about his interests, will give you more understanding of his inner self, and also, give you a lot to talk about. Boys often have a variety of random interests, from sports to rock climbing.

3. Ask him about his favorite movies and TV shows.

You can pretty much assume that your boyfriend loves movies.

Ask him about his favorite movie (it will probably be some superhero movies), and tell him about yours. You can spend hours arguing about the movies you love. If you are living together, this will give you a sneak peek of the secrets to making him love you more. Watching the new season of Game of Thrones, will help you get even more comfortable with each other, and give you material to start stupid fights to strengthen your relationship.

If you happen to have one in million, who does not love movies, ask him about the books he loves. Bookies flip out with excitement, when someone asks them about their favorite books. Make sure you don't overdo this, if you don't love reading books that often, or you'll end up listening two-hour lectures on why, George Orwell is the better writer than Oscar Wilde.(Trust me, I have!)

4. Ask about his work.

It is always nice to have someone to talk about the catastrophes, and screw-ups from the office. If your man is under 40, he must be pretty pissed off with his boss. And again, stereotyping may not always be true.

Ask him about his work, and put a query on if he has any trouble at an office. I am sure he will appreciate having an understanding partner, who is genuinely interested in his work. If you are lucky, you might get funny things that might have happened at his work, and have a quick laugh.

He probably will end up asking you about your day, and this will create a new paradigm for new conversations. You can never talk enough shit about your work.

5. Ask him about the plans for the weekend.

You don't always have to be a smartass to talk to your boyfriend. After all, he is your man. If you are bored, you can just tell him that you are bored, and ask about the plans for the weekend.

Keep in mind, that there is a ninety percent chance, that he does not have any plans for the weekend. So, you can create new plans, and designs your perfect weekend. If he has a plan for you, get up and start dabbing- you one lucky girl.

6. Five-year plan

If you have been dating for a while, it is a good idea to ask him about the future of the relationship. Asking him about his five-year plan, will cite your role in his future, and have a stronger bond. And yes, it will help you to reboot your mood.

However, it can be a blunder of an idea, if you have been dating for few days or weeks (We will not be covering the cost of tissue papers if you do).

Upon those circumstances, you can ask him about dreams and aspirations; this is a great way of knowing your place, in his future without asking.

7. Advice and Opinions.

Effective communication, is great to deal with boredom in a relationship. And, it is not alwaysabout asking to know something.

Is something bugging your mind, or have a decision too hard to make by yourself? Or, need help to sort anything out?

You can ask your boyfriend for his opinion, and advice, on important areas of your life. This will help you cope with the situation, and in the process create a sense of belonging, and value for him. It will give him the confidence to ask you for the same.

Couples sharing opinions on different areas of life, go on to have a powerful and intimate relationship.

These 7 questions, are the perfect questions to ask your boyfriend when you are bored. They will not just give you an understanding of the intricacies of your boyfriend, but will also develop a trust, and more honest and powerful connection with your man.